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I want to ease the burden of your life by sharing what I know and giving you tools that can help you to understand your pain and free yourself from it. We don't live our lives in a vacuum, and we can't do it all alone. We all need a helping hand at times.  

I've dedicated my life to sharing what I've observed, researched, learned and developed. With deep insight, my perspectives come from both a psychological point of view, as well as from my life as a highly intuitive being. I've spent over 40 years in a unique metaphysical environment but I partner those understandings with science and real-world examination.

Professionally, I have worked with clients for almost 20 years. I am trained in Psychology, Counselling, Business, Hypnosis, Medical Intuition, Reiki. I'm a business owner, an entrepreneur, a writer, artist, philosopher, intuitive, mentor and guide.


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