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“I just completed the "Medical Intuition" training with Heidi Light. I have to say I was extremely impressed with: the level of quality and integrity of our instructor Heidi, a beautiful openness shared with the other students and an utter fascination of what we, as human beings are capable - in particular the power of our intuition and limitless knowledge it can provide. Most compelling: we all are capable of this. We just need the tools, very simple tools albeit, and the right professional instructor to show us how to tap into our natural innate resources. Thank you Heidi!!!”

~Sue Volpe of Untangled Living, Collingwood


“I was amazed.  During the (Medical Intuition) class I learned “stuff” I had been holding onto and how it was affecting my body.  Afterwards, I had a client come for Medical Intuition after going to numerous doctors.  I told her I saw a black dot slightly over from the base of her skull.  Next session, she said she went to see a new specialist and he confirmed what I told her.  It is an amazing experience to see inside a person’s body.  Thank you Heidi.”

 ~Brenda Schrader-Sanders of New Beginning New You


“There are only a handful of people in this world I trust...but Heidi Light would be on the top of my list of people who I not only trust implicitly but she has the knowledge, insight and intuitive ability to understand me and my needs like no one I have ever met.   Heidi is very perceptive and has a deep understanding of all things metaphysical.  She has custom made pieces of jewelry for me, such as a stunning ring and pendant that I wear daily, which help me to remain calm and focused in my daily life.  The ring is a large piece of larimar crafted in sterling silver, which, for a person with odd hands due to a handicap, one would not think I could wear, but it has taught me to love and accept myself for who I am and play with the challenges of life.  I receive compliments on the ring daily.  During times of stress these pieces have helped me travel through life’s journeys and have allowed me to remain grounded.  Without specifying, Heidi was able to know exactly what crystals would work for me.  Heidi has also created pieces for my two canine best friends, one of which is 15 years old and still in excellent health despite major challenges with cancer.  My home is also filled with inspired art creations made by Heidi; paintings and stained glass pieces have truly made my home my sanctuary and uplifted the energy surrounding me daily.   Heidi is the “real deal” and I highly recommend her work and I am most grateful that she is in my life.”

~Monika Gibson, Realtor - Century 21 Millennium, Collingwood


“I love all the jewellery pieces that Heidi has made for me over the years - they are beautiful pieces of art. When I am out and about, I always receive positive comments about them. And the healing properties of the stones used are definitely an added bonus.

Heidi's creativity always helps me overcome personal and creative blips or curves that life throws at me, and her healing presence allows me to continue to grow and heal.”

~Debbie Morrison of Debbie’s Studio, St Marys


"The beautiful creativity of Heidi Light is evident in all of her work: be it in her custom jewellery, her paintings and drawings, her photography, her lotions and soaps or her writings. The soul of each piece reaches out to us as we view her work, and speaks of a subtle connection; a deep understanding of sometimes joy or peace or just even calmness. Then to have the honor of purchasing and bringing it into our home or workplace just makes that whole creative process enlightened. Divine. Magical. Connected."

~Ruth Glendon, Reflexologist, Thamesford


"I love my Phoenix amulet Heidi created for me. Not only is it unique and beautiful, the vibrations are perfectly aligned just for me. When I wear it, I feel strong and able to block out negative energies better.

I have always loved Heidi's pieces, and have purchased many pieces and products from her.  I love her creativity and style.  I trust in her natural abilities as an empath and spiritual healer.  Not only does Heidi create beautiful healing pieces, her connection to source and spiritual wisdom help to heighten the vibration of every piece.
This is why when I felt like I needed something to help me raise my vibrations, without hesitation I requested Heidi create an Amulet for me.  I was feeling spiritually disconnected, vibrations were out of alignment and there was a confusion in my own energy.  I was taking in more energy than I could handle as well as allowing negative vibrations to surround me.   I asked Heidi if she could create an Amulet to help me.
The moment I saw my Amulet, I cried.  It was so beautiful and exactly how I envisioned it to be.  I noticed right away that the phoenix Amulet looked exactly like my painting I had done years ago.  I was so amazed that without ever seeing the painting, Heidi had captured my Phoenix.  While I was amazed at its beauty, nothing can explain the surge of energy that went through my fingers the moment I picked it up.  My heart beat faster and I felt my vibrations shift all around me.  As well as my Amulet, I was delighted to see a written explanation of Heidi's reading for me (which was amazingly accurate) and a beautiful pyramid to contain it.  
I wear my Amulet everyday.  I feel stronger and more aligned than ever before.  If I do not wear my amulet, I notice the difference in my vibration.  I use it to filter energy, as I am an empath.  The negative stays out and the positive flows within.  I am so thankful for this powerful tool to assist me in my daily life."

~Shida Ansell, Toronto


“Whether you are a rock hound looking for crystals, a jewellery lover looking for that piece made just for you, or someone with sensitive skin looking for healthy skin care products, Heidi has something for you. Heidi’s hemp soap is a heavensend for my problem skin – soothing, uplifting & aromatic. Heidi’s jewellery combines tasteful artistry with healing gems to create beauty. Her silversmithing is a joy to behold. If I’m looking for healing crystals, the first place I go is to Heidi. Heidi’s depth of knowledge, intuition and creativity is second to none.”

~Jutta Siebel, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner, Stratford


“I met Heidi when I stumbled into her ‘yellow’ building in Uniondale. I have always liked ‘pretty’ stones since I have been a kid and I was hooked after walking through that door.  Heidi has been an inspiration to me and has ‘mentored’ me in the energy levels of the different crystals and how they can affect your everyday life. I have many pendants that Heidi has wrapped for me and earrings that she has made and I am continually receiving compliments on how good they look. I have recently purchased an Amulet from Heidi and it is absolutely phenomenal! I love the crystal she picked and the way she put it all together using her silver-smithing expertise. It is an original work, never to be duplicated and has been infused with a part of “my highest essence” so it is specific to me. I also took my level 1 and 2 Reiki training from Heidi. Her compassion, dedication to detail and professional manner are evident in every aspect of her artistic endeavors. I count myself lucky to be a part of her circle both as a client and a friend.”                                                                                               

~Elaine Dill, Stratford


“My sister started me on my gem journey 6 years ago.  We stopped in at Heidi’s shop in Uniondale where I bought my first gem.   Since then I have seen Heidi many times.  At the gem show in Paris this year I asked her to do an intuitive reading for me.  She suggested ‘sunstone’ and ‘kyanite’. I purchased them and while reading in the Crystal Bible happened to look under my sign, they were there! It was eerie as Heidi did not know my birth sign. When looking for stones for a specific purpose Heidi seems to zero in on the ones that will work best for me.  I always get compliments on the quality of the gems and the wrapping when I am wearing them, which is daily.  I always tell them I got them from Heidi Light and give them her web address (HeidiLight.com). Heidi is a truly wonderful and amazing person.  I look forward to many more years of doing business with her.”

 ~Anne Brecht, Stratford


“Heidi’s unique hand-wrapped crystal pendants are by far my favorite acquisitions over the years. I was completely drawn to her selection of crystals and the energy I felt when I was surrounded by them in the shop.  On occasion, she selected and created special items that I wanted for myself and loved ones – I was always very pleased with the finished product!  I could always trust her to select the perfect stone or combinations and for any request.“

~J. Wicke, Stratford



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