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Orgonite Jewelry

Orgonite is handmade using a special mix of metals, crystals, resin and sacred geometry. This special combination of materials has the ability to take in both positive and negative life force energy (orgone) and transmute all of it into a positive, life-enhancing form of health-creating light. 

Larger pieces of orgonite are often placed in grids around your home, near cell towers, hydro lines, WiFi equipment and cell phones to mediate the harmful aspects of those energies to the human body. But you can't always be within your protective grid at home. So I wanted you to be able to wear a piece wherever you go, and I also wanted it to look spectacular! Pretty and Purposeful!

Each piece of my Orgonite jewellery is intentionally handmade with a 925 sterling silver setting, always nickel-free, cadmium-free and lead-free! The base stones in each piece are black tourmaline and selenite and the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. Each piece has different additional stones.

If you're interested in carrying my line of orgonite jewellery at your retail store, please visit my wholesale page.


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