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Medical Intuition

Product Description

Please note that I am no longer accepting clients for intuitive work.  However, I am accepting new clients for CounsellingConsulting & Supervision services.  If you're interested, please fill out an application form on my sister site, Wisdom House.

Medical Intuition is an amazing diagnostic tool. I can tell you what's happening in your body, and why, as well as what you can do about it. In these readings, your body is the expert - it already knows everything. Your body tells me what it wants you to know, and I relay that information to you. Many people seek out a medical intuitive when traditional medicine & methods have failed to tell them the root cause of what is happening in their bodies. A reading gives you detailed and accurate information about symptoms and their root causes as well as treatment options. 

I have been a medical intuitive since I was two years old. I am also a trained Counsellor, and so I approach these sessions with the same professionalism, confidentiality, safety, and high ethical standards as expected in talk therapy.  

Medical Intuition is not designed to replace sound medical advice.


Product Reviews

  1. Most helpful, practical, informative and empowering tool I have ever found!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Aug 2015

    I have years and years of experience using various tools and modalities to access information for improving my health and life. I consider myself a very intelligent person and I do my research - big time! NEVER have I found something so powerful, accurate and effective. I feel like I have finally hit the jackpot here.

    Basically, your body is a source of higher wisdom. It knows - period!!! But accurately accessing that information, trusting it and then trusting the facilitator can be, and is, a challenge for most people. You have all your bases covered with Heidi. I have searched high and low, for decades, and I have never found someone with Heidi's expertise, accuracy and professionalism.

    We can spend so much time trying to troubleshoot the issues in our lives (health, family, work, life...you name it) but we never really know what will work. The process takes so much time and money!! (and sometimes to no avail!!) A Medical Intuitive session with Heidi cuts right to the chase. It gets to the heart of what is going on AND what to do about it - what is right for you. All this happens in just one session. It's amazing what you will learn in just an hour.

    Our body knows. Listen to it!
    We are all different and every moment is different. How the heck do we know what to do? We get mixed information from so many different sources. It's confusing, frustrating and exhausting.
    I have found that keeping our heads out of it for a bit and letting our bodies give us the wisdom it knows is the most efficient way to get to the heart of what is going on, determine the issues and set us on a plan to make the changes necessary. How empowering is that?!! (Talk about immediate results!)

    Bottom line: Your body knows the answers and Heidi Light knows how to be its translator for us.
    Why guess anymore when you can get the answers you need immediately and begin to make the changes you want.

    *For those of who may be skeptical, I totally get it. You should be. There are tons of quacks out there. And "talking to our bodies?", I know that sounds crazy. But really, I have done my research and highly recommend that you at least try one session. Instantly you will know what I mean and will be EXTREMELY happy you did. You will soon want your closest friends and family to go to her too because you know it will help them.

    I truly hope I can help you today by letting you know about this amazing tool you have at your fingertips - to improve your health and your life.

    Sunshine to all of you!

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