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For personal support.  My role is to inform and support you, emotionally, mentally, intuitively and energetically - by sharing knowledge and helping you to build valuable lifelong skill sets that apply to every area of your life.  

We all need validation, acceptance, and a non-jugemental perspective which allows us to understand ourselves in a healthy way. We also need tools that help us to communicate and to relate to one another, and that help us to forge a new clear path.

For those of you who are exploring the intuitive and energetic world, these sessions support you in gaining greater access to your own wisdom, knowing and answers, using practical, ethical and highly effective tools for connecting and discerning.  

For over twenty years, I have been a Counsellor, with a BA in Psychology and graduate training in Counselling. I am highly empathic, with a deep and unique understanding of our human nature, and a highly trained intuitive ability that helps to quickly get to the root of what you need.


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