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New Book!

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I'm so happy to make this announcement! 

Many of you already know that I've written & self-published 4 books in the last 12 years but i wanted to go the traditional route with my latest book.

I'm thrilled to say that I just negotiated a publishing deal with North Atlantic Books in California!! My book will be released early summer 2018 and distributed by Random House!! 

It's about boundaries, guidelines and ethics in intuition and energy medicine with revolutionary info about intuitive and energetic practices - the important stuff I've been talking about for over 20 years now!

So many people are opening up to their intuitive abilities now, or are exploring the energy world. Now is the time when we really need this information! I've been immersed in the intuitive and energy world for over 40 years and I'm so happy to be the one who can share this information with you!

Please help me share this great news by sharing with your friends or contacts! :)


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