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Important Updates

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My work is taking me in some new directions! As you may know: 

My book, Ethics in Energy Medicine, is being released in June.  My blog and resource centre, Wisdom House, is up and running and full of great information, articles and connections.  I'm writing another book. And I started a revolution! :)

I'm being encouraged to now fulfill a role of informing and supporting clients on both personal and professional levels through Counselling and Consulting, as well as Supervision Services for Alternative Practitioners. I am drawn to now support my clients emotionally, mentally, intuitively and energetically through sharing knowledge and helping to build valuable lifelong skill sets that apply to every area of our lives.

So, in order to fulfill that role, it's time for me to retire from healing work - to take a step back from doing the work personally, to instead help inform and support others in doing the work. This is effective as of May 1.

For over forty years, I've been immersed in the world of intuition and energy medicine, as a Medical Intuitive, Empath, Channel, Smoke Eater, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. For the last twenty of those years, I've worked with clients on a professional basis, in addition to my work as a traditional Counsellor. I'm now being guided to facilitate in a different way.

Moving forward, I won't be accepting appointments for intuitive or energy work. But I would love to help you by informing and supporting your personal or professional processes and goals! Hypnosis sessions will only be offered within a counselling framework, to better serve those who have made a commitment to their personal growth. My website has been updated - please check out my current services, books, blog, and The REAL Revolution!

I am definitely accepting new clients for Counseling, Consulting and Supervision and I always appreciate your referrals! There is a new friendly application form on Wisdom House for those who are interested in becoming a new client. Please share!

My phone number is now exclusively for current clients and customers only. So please share my websites and email addresses but not my phone. Thanks!

The way that I produce and sell my products is changing too. I'm continuing to create my jewelry, but I can no longer accept custom orders or repairs. I will be having fewer body products available this year, and they are now available only at Farm to Table Market in Collingwood or on my website. Local delivery is free!

I'll be doing less shows for selling product, and focussing instead on literary events and my path as an author. I'm looking forward to seeing you at those events in the near future!

Wow, lots of change! Thanks so much for being patient with me through these changes - it's been a wild ride! Transformation isn't always easy!

I've had a wide and interesting response to my announcement! I'm interested in hearing your response too. Feel free to drop me a line!

Much love,
Heidi <3

Welcome to Wisdom House!

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The REAL Revolution

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New Book!

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SAW Model

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Free Shipping, PickUp and Delivery!

Now save on your orders! Free shipping within Canada for orders over $150. If you're within the Georgian Triangle area, you can pick up your order at my Meaford studio for free. Or, opt for free delivery within Meaford, Thornbury & Collingwood!

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Moving Soon

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