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Heidi Light


I've lived an interesting life full of challenges and painful experiences that have driven me to want to understand the human psyche and what makes us all tick. I've always had a keen ability to empathically observe others & the world around me, as well our interactions with one another. I've learned over the years that observation has both internal and external rewards. If we look inward deeply enough, and with integrity and curiosity, we find our secrets and our mysteries are understandable, explainable, changeable. I firmly believe that our outer larger world reflects our inner chaos, and so, as we learn to organize and understand that chaos, we change the world around us in a postive way.

I've dedicated my life to sharing what I've observed, researched, learned and developed. With deep insight and high intellect, my perspectives come from both a psychological point of view, as well as from my life as a highly intuitive being. I grew up in a unique metaphysical environment but I partner those understandings with science and real-world examination.

My goal is always to help. I want to ease the burden of your life by sharing what I know. If I can give you tools that help you to understand your pain and free yourself from it, that's what I want to do. We don't live our lives in a vacuum, and we can't do it all alone. I know better than most how much we all need a helping hand at times.

I've worked professionally with clients for almost 20 years. I'm trained in Psychology, Counselling, Business, Fine Art, Hypnosis, NLP, Reiki, Medical Intuition. I'm a published author, an entrepreneur, artist, philosopher, intuitive, mentor and guide.  I am the creator of Wisdom House Learning Centre www.wisdomhouselearning.com and the Leader of The REAL Revolution! www.getrealforrealchange.com

Since I was a child, I've held a special place in my heart for public speaking, teaching and writing. What better ways to share a body of knowledge with a large body of people! I've had the privilege to speak about many of the topics that I am passionate about, and I'm looking forward to sharing more of my latest research and developments with both individuals and businesses.

My creative pursuits have always kept me balanced and in tune. To be human is to be a creative force and I've always thought that it is vitally important for us to embrace & use that force in a positive & healing way. So you'll see my creative studio on my site as well, with a variety of products and art that I design and produce.

Happy browsing and please consider that you have the right, as a being on this planet, to live a life of purpose, meaning, inclusion and acceptance. 

-Heidi <3




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